Noticing the details

This picture is taken inside the heart of a small English wood. It was Big Butterfly Count Day and we were looking for butterflies. Is that a Painted Lady or a Small Tortoiseshell? The differences are subtle. What's a fritillary? I had never noticed how jagged, erratic and skittish the flight of a butterfly is until I tried to take a closer look at wing patterns and quietly followed one in motion. 

Is that a wild orchid or a young foxglove? An Oak sapling or Ash? Hazel or Maple? It's hard to know sometimes, how much detail to notice, to include.  How much is enough to bring the reader to the point at which you stand, to see what you're seeing?  Not enough and the picture is vague, out of focus, blurred.  Too much and it's overwhelming, dense, tiresome, like wading through clay.